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Seeing light in a new light

Seeing light in a new light.

Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter.

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Today we’re going to play devil’s advocate.
We’re going to take the opposition’s side and see things from their point of view. Why? To better take down their arguments from the inside. Like the Trojan horse (if you don’t what a Trojan horse is, Google is your friend). Today, ladies and gentlemen, we talk about *ominous silence* – THE ADVANTAGES OF RELIGIOUS CHEESE!…and the underlying disadvantages.

Made by ~BoredMuse

*cue the psycho-strings*

Pros: Religious cheese is an excellent tool for controlling the population. It apparently prevents a descent in barbarism. Religious cheese induces a sense of wonder.

Cons: Unfortunately religious cheese is an excellent tool for controlling the population. People have started bloodthirsty and by extension barbaric, wars in the name of religion. Scientific cheese  and understanding the universe is a better way to control ourselves. Science doesn’t start wars, unless co-opted by the military, who usually stir-up soldiers and the populace by patriotism. Scientific cheese induces a sense of wonder too. Understanding our place in the universe is both humbling and awe inspiring. There is no fear in it either. I keep finding more cons than pros here.


I’m getting sick just typing anything positive about it. For a more unbiased view, go look at this chart while I find a barf bag…just in case. They’ve done their research well:

Pros And Cons Of Religion

Until next time.

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