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A Side Story


Daniel was bored. Daniel was hungry. Either Daniel was bored or hungry or maybe both. He couldn’t tell. It was the sort off lazy Sunday afternoon where you’ve recovered from Saturday hangover and have nothing to do in the space between Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Daniel flipped a coin. Heads was hungry and tails was bored. The coin spun in the air for an eternal second and landed on heads. Hungry it was.

He had Pizza hut in speed-dial and called.

After ringing for a few seconds the usual recorded voice came on welcoming Daniel to Pizza hut. Daniel irritably waited for the recorded list of offers and discounts to finish, after which he pressed 2 to place his order. Nothing happened for a second and the recorded voice repeated the latest offers. Daniel pressed 2 again. The same thing happened.

Daniel grumbled and pressed 2 yet again in the same vein of people who do the same thing over again expecting a different result. Miraculously something changed. The recorded voice went away replaced by silence and an eerie melody. The melody faded even as Daniel felt if he’d been accidentally connected to the local phone psychic’s hotline, and someone greeted him in a pleasant voice. Daniel couldn’t tell if it was a male or female as the voice had that odd gender neutral tone, which is further garbled by a telephone line.

“Welcome to Pizza hut, can I verify if this is Daniel Malinowski calling from…” the operator proceeded to rattle of Daniel’s number and address as he was a repeat customer and was therefore in the Database. Daniel affirmed it with a grunt.

Before Daniel could ask for the usual Pizza though the operator interjected that he was the 50th caller of the day and won a free Pizza of his choice. They already had his address and phone number. They just needed a signature once the pizza arrived. Of course he did.

There was a finger in the pizza!! This was very shocking for D.. someone had gone to great lengths to give him the finger! Who could it be?! he thought.. obviously it’s someone who was missing ‘the Finger!’

But there were more pressing matters to attend to …the Pizza!! He was still hungry you know! If he didn’t eat the pizza the Finger man would win! and he would still be hungry. If he did eat the pizza he would satisfy his hunger, but…Cannibalism… of course he ate the pizza!! But was it before he realized it was Halloween candy? or after?!

We do not KNOW!

Ending provided by Sohan Reddy.

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