What is Off-the-Record


Tammy re-adjusted here Boogle Glass X. Many versions later and they still hadn’t figured out of to customize it for their buyers even though 3D printers were dirt cheap. Doing it yourself still wasn’t legal either and would cost you a fine of 30 Bitcoins ($ 15k). 

Not to mention a lawsuit that would bankrupt a start-up millionaire. 

At least she could go back and edit the footage face-gram later. Much much later. If she ever found the time to sort through her footage 24 hr/d, 7 days a week worth of raw data.

Tammy decided that it didn’t matter anyway. Her face-gram friends (all 600 of them) were plugged into the the Broogle Glass X constant face-gram account around the club and view here live footage at any time. Anyone could, as a matter of fact. Face-gram had done away with the last privacy laws 5 years ago.

On the bright side Tammy has saved enough to hire her own e-curator. E-curator’s had sprung up around the same time the privacy laws had been abolished. Some enterprising soul (a desperate liberal arts graduate with a mountain of debt no doubt) had come up with the concept of sitting through your terabytes of data for a fee and sorting out the best / most useful and piecing together a pretty movie/personal art gallery, which could be played on people’s birthdays.

The competition for e-curators wasn’t very high in the beginning. Which made the their fees rather high. Luckily, that was changing and Tammy could finally have artsy short-film of parent-approved duck faces. Which would be judged by her equally duck-face inclined face-gram friends.The best one would win a trip to the lower earth-orbit’s first and only luxury cruise.

Tammy called up Broogle’s search and said “Highest ranking e-curator”….


Inspired by this article.

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